Optherium Labs Created New Segment in Digital Space CyberFinTech

November 11, 2023

As premium FinTech experts, Optherium Labs continues to create revolutionary solutions that not only improve the quality of neobanking, but positively impact and revolutionize the digital banking space as a whole. As such, Optherium Labs is becoming the first company worldwide to launch a new segment within the digital banking world titled CyberFinTech.Optherium Labs’ white-label neobank turnkey solution is the first neobank for enterprises, startups and banks built by a cybersecurity company. Combining its proven industry success with its new CyberFinTech segment, Optherium Labs can positively influence customer behavior while eradicating costly license and software development, high go-to-market times and staffing concerns during neobank development.By creating this new segment, users are provided with robust, ready-made neobank applications for various platforms. Additionally, Optherium Labs’ fully compliant solutions and user experience optimization will define the core of this one-of-a-kind digital banking innovation.“Optherium provides a bank-in-a-box solution, providing a fully-licensed, plug-and-play solution allowing businesses and enterprises to focus on their core business needs while quickly deploying fully compliant financial products without relying on banking regulations.”Optherium’s creation of CyberFintech creates dynamic security solutions for the modern digital banking world, including passwordless authentication. With data encryption, secure storage and regulatory security compliance, Optherium’s fully-managed solution covers everything from software protection to license coverage and product management.The CyberFinTech segment optimally combines the tools for data security with the simplified blockchain-supported banking solutions. Such a combination can be perfectly applied to various use cases including traditional financial institutions, large enterprises and high capital-infused startups. It’s a segment that will only grow with the evolution of neobanking. And Optherium Labs is poised to lead the way.